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The corner of young naturalist

Order of rodent. Subspecies - Doddy

Helo, my dear friends, young naturalists. Yeah, you've fetched up at just right place. The mysterious beast Doddy lives exactly here. He has a hole, or nest, or hollow here. In spite of some doddologists' mind that Doddy lives in den, we know that he lives here, he feeds, here. At this place he hunts, sleeps from time to time, writes poems and other trifle. Sometimes this little rodent writes prose.It's fun, isn't it?

Like other small living creatures, Doddy sometimes becomes a prey of bigger amimals. Thus , more than once in the mornings Doddy became a victim of malicious predator - Muse . At that days he gave birth to music .

The last word in science shows that besides a rudiment of mind Doddy has also a gift for primary displays of amateur arts. It's manifested in an unpretentious rock paintings.

As a rule once a year Doddy has a period of madness. At that time U can find him only here.

Recently one photographer-animalist succeeded to imprint Doddy's family in diverse situations. We're hurry to share this unique shots with you.

...Well, my little friends, U've known another amusing representative of our immense fauna. We wish you a good luck in this interesting research. Don't lose inquisitiveness till the end of days.

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